Learn how to sign up on Gmail which is a free email services provided by Google that can be found on www.Gmail.com. It’s among the best free email services found online aside from Hotmail, Yahoo, Live, etc. The Gmail signing up process won’t take long as long as you have internet access. In today’s world where online presence has become synonymous to social life, having an active e-mail account is the bare minimum. E-mails have replaced the old and often unreliable snail mail in both personal and professional space. Owning and maintaining an E-mail account is easy and free of cost. It is dependent on your personal preference which service provider you use. In today’s tutorial we will explain the procedure to sign up for a Gmail account as it is one of the most popular choice among people and user friendly. Also once you sign up for a Gmail account you can use it to access a ton of Google services like YouTube, Blogger, and Google Plus etc.

Before proceeding make sure that you have access to an active internet connection.

How to Sign Up for Gmail Account

Step 1: Open your browser

Open an internet browser by clicking on its shortcut(either on desktop or taskbar). You can use any browser of your choice. We are using chrome in the tutorial. The steps will be same irrespective of the browser you use.
Gmail Sign Up - How To Sign Up On Gmail


 Step 2: Visit www.Gmail.com

In the address bar, which is at the top enter the website URL: www.gmail.com

Gmail Sign Up - How To Sign Up On Gmail - step 2


Step 3: www.Gmail.com sign in page

This will open a sign in page for Gmail. We are however interested in creating an account so click on sign up link which is “create an account” link in this case.

Note: The sign in page may vary from the one shown in the screen shot but the procedure remains the same.

Gmail Sign Up - How To Sign Up On Gmail - step 3


Step 4: Create an account

After clicking create an account button in previous step you will be presented with a sign up form. The form is self-explanatory. After you have filled in all the relevant details click on next step.

Gmail Sign Up - How To Sign Up On Gmail - step 4

The details that you will be required to fill are:

Name: enter your name or the name of the company
Surname: enter your surname
Username: in this field you are required to fill the username that you wish to use. Remember that this will be the address that you would be sharing with others. Ideally a combination of First name Last name. Your email id will be in form of username@gmail.com
Choose a password: input the password that you want to use. It should be at least 8 characters long. Choose a password that is hard to decipher. It helps you to prevent others from accessing your account by guessing the password.
Tip: do not create password using dictionary words choose a random sequence of characters and that numbers that is hard to guess.
Re-enter the password: input the same password as before
Security Question: choose a security question that you can use to recover and reset your password in case you forget them.
Reply: choose a reply to above question. Choose a reply that is not obvious or public knowledge to prevent people hacking your account by answering your security questions
Email Recovery: this feature allows you to recover your email in case you forgot your password. Password reset link will be sent to this email id. This can be your other account or of someone you trust.
Location: in this field you are required to enter your current location.
Date of birth: enter your date of birth in the format DD/MM/YYYY, e.g.: 08/10/1993.
Verify Account: you are required to enter the captcha to prove you’re not a bot or automated script.
Terms of service: click the checkbox to accept to the terms of service and privacy policy. You can read their terms by clicking on their respective links.

Step 5: Add your photo (optional)

After you have clicked next page button you will be given a choice to add a profile picture to your Gmail account. You can however add it later anytime you wish. If you have a profile picture ready and want to add it then do so by clicking add a photo button. After you are done click Next step button.

Gmail Sign Up - How To Sign Up On Gmail - step 5




Step 6: Confirmation of registration

This page will inform you that you have successfully completed the required steps and created a Gmail account. Click on continue to Gmail to proceed.

Gmail Sign Up - How To Sign Up On Gmail - step 6


Step 7: Gmail inbox

In this page you will be shown your inbox. There will be 3 mails welcoming you. Congratulations you have successfully created a Gmail account. There will be different options on the sidebar like ‘compose’ – used to compose a new mail, ‘inbox’- used to view inbox etc. Go ahead and explore different options.

Gmail Sign Up - How To Sign Up On Gmail - step 7

Once you have signed up for Gmail you can use the same account for all the Google services like Google drive, Blogger, YouTube etc. One bit of advice though, never ever tell your password to anyone or share it online. Remember that anyone one knowing your password can sign in to your account and view your email inside your Gmail account and probably access other Google services as well.